1st Annual Treasure Coast Jerk Festival
July 30, 2017 by

Not in the mood to wait for Wordless Wednesday to share! :)
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Seafood Mix at the Treasure Coast Jerk Festival
Here are some photos from the 1st Annual Treasure Coast Jerk Festival. It was so hot during the day, that my kids were sweaty, uncomfortable and growing impatient. They just wanted to stay indoors and relax, but I was meeting my friends there and with it being the first local jerk festival, I was not trying to miss it. Especially since I already paid for the tickets.

We dropped the kids off and went back later in the day after the sun went down a bit. I guess that's what a majority of the  attendees did, because by the time we returned at 7pm, the place was full with people. It was a nice evening with friends and the food was delish. Especially the conch fritters and my icee!
I did not partake in any jerk chicken at the festival since it's something I eat often anyway.