A Little Motivation from Denzel Washington
September 20, 2015 by

You've Got What It Takes. But, It Will Take Everything You've Got.
Have you ever had a conversation, or listened to someone speak and the words touched you in a way you didn't expect? No, not in that way. I mean in a way that motivates you to reinvent yourself or at least revisit the younger you who had different goals and aspirations.

I have always been a Jackie of All Trades. But, you know the saying "Jack/Jackie of All Trades, Master of None". That's not really something to brag about when you reach a point where you feel lost and confused about where you're going. Plans don't always work out the way you envisioned and sometimes you feel like you have been wasting a lot of time, trying to make something you love into something you love doing and can actually get paid for. I've been in this space before. I have had these thoughts before. This is the first time I'm sharing it, publicly.

These words by Denzel Washington were so necessary today. I needed to hear it, and I know there's someone out there who needs to hear it too. I hope you enjoy his speech as much as I did.