Black Friday Shopping? No thanks!
November 29, 2014 by

Am I the only one disgusted by the whole idea of Black Friday beginning on Thanksgiving?

For the past few years, I've listened to stories of people waiting on long lines and camping out to save a hundred dollars on electronics. You see them on the news, right? Reporters interviewing someone standing alone days before a sale even begins, with their lawn chair, tea and a tent. Just taking up space near the entryway of a big box store. It's so weird to me. Eww, you don't bathe or brush your teeth? Who holds your space when you need to use the bathroom, or are you fasting and have no desire to relieve yourself?
Buys $300 Tent to Save $50 on a TV
I remember when Thanksgiving was a time to spend the evening with family. Some who traveled a long distance to visit, while enjoying a great meal. The table would be full of things you'd only indulge in on special occasions. You would reconnect with stories, break out the board games, camcorders and/or music and just have fun. Why are people so greedy? Why are stores so greedy? For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a family, why are we so willing to cut into that time just to buy things we can buy another day (probably cheaper)?
I rather pay full price than shop black friday
Last year we upgraded our TVs. I didn't have to wait on any line or fight with fellow shoppers. I did it from the comfort of my home, some time in early December. Guess what? We spent about $500 LESS than what was advertised in the papers for Black Friday. The savings included 2 and 4 year warranties. In addition I got over $200 in cash back by utilizing sites like Ebates, Fatwallet, Upromise and TopCashBack!!!

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Sorry dude , didn't you get the memo? This year Black Friday started on Thursday!
So the Black Friday Shopping Begins
You mean to tell me that people trample others for sales after being thankful for what they already have
Yep! Sad, isn't it?

I was so disgusted by the commercials, boasting about opening their doors 5PM and 6PM on Thanksgiving that I made a promise to myself that I won't be giving them, or other stores that did that my money this season. I know some employees like the time and a half they get working on Thanksgiving, but that's not the same for all. It was such a turn off for me. I worked a call center for a big box store and the stress I had to deal with a few days prior to the "holiday sale" was enough for me to quit. Fortunately I'm in a position where I can leave when something is taking a toll on me, but for employees who would rather spend holidays with family they don't get to see often, this made me think of them. No doorbusters for me!

Side joke: My friend went and bought at tablet for her kids for $49.99. In the store there was a limit of one per person. (Sorry Annette if you're reading this, but this is too funny not to share!, lol). Guess what? Right now ToysRUS is offering that same deal online, with a limit of TWO per customer!!!
black friday craziness
I dont know what it is but its on sale
Am I the only one who thinks this is craziness?