Conversation with my son!
October 24, 2014 by

Every weekend my kids want to have company come over. I'm always reminding them that I don't have a built in card in my brain that automatically stores the contact information for everyone I meet, and neither do they, so they need to physically exchange numbers with their friends. Do they? No, but every weekend we seem to have the same conversation.

This Friday's conversation with my six year old was slightly different. It was so cute because it seems as if he and his friend actually made an effort this time to get information. Not the kind of information we'd need for progress, but it was something, lol. Here's how it went:

My son: "Mommy, can my friend come over?

Me: "Yes, we have no plans. Do you have his number to call him?

My son: "No, but I know where he lives".

Me: "Ok, where does he live?"

My son: "He said to go down some streets and make a left, then a right, then another right and the house is right there!"

Me: "???"

Now, if only it was that easy...LOL
Thats What Friends Are For Memes