Easter Deals and Steals at Walmart
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Easter Deals and Steals at Walmart!!!
April 5, 2013 by

When do you buy school supplies? What about Christmas decorations, etc? I choose to shop during end of season/end of holiday sales. This last trip to Walmart is a great example of why!

I always purchase the goods a year in advance, because usually shops like Walmart, CVS, even high end shops sell the really cute or necessary items at up to 90%+ off. If items aren't priced at least 75% off, I don't bother because I know the big deal is just a few days away! (That rule does not apply to candy, I'll pay regular price for chocolate :) ). I'm free during the day, so I don't have to worry about the hustle and bustle of being in a store with a bunch of other grabby people looking for a good deal. School supplies are over stocked, seasonal items that no one wanted are just sitting on shelves or in the middle of an aisle begging for someone to look them over, so I give them a little attention.

As always, a trip to Walmart is never a quick trip. Actually I never go into any store quickly, I guess that's why my hubby doesn't like to shop with me, lol. I went today just to grab a can of hair spray and ended up passing the Easter aisle. Seriously, I didn't plan to stop because the sign said 50% off, but I noticed a box of plastic eggs and figured I could grab one and save it for when they ask for egg donations for the local egg hunts. While standing there a woman told me to ignore the sign because everything's at least 75% off. Once I heard that I grabbed two egg boxes, then another woman mentioned they were 90% off. "WHAT???" Ok...now it's time for me to get my hands dirty, because digging they will do! In my head I though, wow Walmart must be desperate to make space for in season items, because it's not even a week after Easter and things are already deeply discounted. Oh well, let me help them free up some space, lol.

Check out the receipt to the right, and the photos of some items I purchased super cheap. I didn't even have to clip a coupon (It's not like any existed for these items anyway!)

I feel the need to add that I don't just buy things because they're on sale. I always have a purpose for items I buy (whether it's so I can resell it online for a profit, donate what I purchase or I have plans to use it in the future). Before I started stocking up on items, I checked my phone to see what day Easter 2014 falls on. Years ago, my son was born on Easter...well I went into labor on Easter 2006 and had him hours after. It wasn't until he was born that I realized Easter could be pretty much any random Sunday, not like Christmas which is always on December 25th. Thankfully, my son's birthday will be a few days before Easter next year, so planning an egg hunt party fits perfectly!!! Now let's get back to the photos!!!

If I paid regular price, the total before tax would be $106.75,
I paid $21.65 before tax so that's a savings of roughly 80%.
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Walmart 220 Pastel Eggs Clearance $1.75
Easter Cookie Tins Clearance $.25
Lots of Easter Goodies on Clearance at Walmart totaling $21
<<< These 220 ct boxes of Easter Eggs wouldv'e cost $9.97 each ($29.91 + tax all together), but they were on sale for just $1.25 each!!!
Not bad!!!
  • 3 Boxes of Easter Eggs 220 ct each
  • 7 Cookie Tins
  • 4 Novelty Mugs
  • 3 - 10 ct Easter stamps
  • 2 - 15 ct packs of treat bags
  • 3 - 12 ct Easter pencils
  • 6 - 6 ct stencils
  • 3 Easter Kiddie Digital Watches
  • 2 - 12 ct stretch bunnies
  • 2 - 24 ct Goody Ouchless Hair bands in Easter eggs
  • 2 large candy filled Easter Eggs (spongebob and star wars)
  • 1 Goody Ouchless 15 ct Egg
  • 1 Floral Headwrap
  • 2 bags of candy for my consumption, lol
  • ...and a can of hair spray!
Janie HApril 5, 2013 11:52 PM

I saw the eatser watches in the store today theyre so cute. I wanted to open a pack to see if its any good but i didnt feel like buying it. your post has me planning to make a trip to wally world tomorrow to scan the clearance section :D

>RondaApril 6, 2013 12:12 AM

  Every time I go shopping anywhere I end up with a cart. I had to go back outside of the store because I planned on only buying a can of hair spray so I didn't grab
  a cart on my way in. I should've known by now there was no way I was getting just what I went for, because there are too many aisles in the way, lol. I might
  revisit there tomorrow, lol.

Bendbe WApril 6, 2013 12:04 AM

I just love Easter colors. I will see what my local shops have later today. Thanks for sharing.

>RondaApril 6, 2013 12:13 AM

  Thank you so much for visiting Bendbe :)

Miss RApril 15, 2013 8:16 PM

I definitely love shopping end of season and clearance sales. That's when I rack up on all of my decorations, gifts, etc.


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