Experiencing WWE NXT Live!
July 23, 2015 by

At the last minute, I noticed a post advertising NXT. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I wanted to take the kids!...

My children love to watch wrestling. My 9 year old even negotiates TV time so he can watch it Monday nights and DVR the parts he misses because of bed time. My husband watches occasionally, and I watch never. However, when I saw an ad on Facebook for an upcoming WWE NXT live event, I had to buy tickets!

My God children are here for a few weeks. Aside from the other events and activities, how often do children get to go home from vacation and say they experienced a live viewing of NXT on the road?
WWE NXT #NXTFortPierce
Doors open at 6:30 pm, show start at 7:30 pm and the first 100 guests would get to participate in the meet and greet. It was pouring rain outside and we arrived around 6:10 pm, but there was already a long line of guests. We arrived in time to get on the line for the meet and greet but none of us want to be on another line after we chose our seats, so we bought food and just waited for the show to start.
WWE NXT #NXTFortPierce
When the room lights were off and the stage lights were turned on, that's when the excitement really began. I have no interest in sports or wrestling when it's on TV, but seeing it live is another story. The hits and acrobatic moves had me yelling oohs and ouches, and I even found myself booing and cheering at performers with the rest of the crowd.

Oddly, my eyes also went to the women's makeup and the guys skin. The makeup jobs were flawless! I was also amazed that most of the wrestlers who appear large, seemed a lot shorter in person. Also, not one of the guys had cellulite. I'm sorry, my eyes went there because of the costumes, great skin...wow!

The photos aren't really crisp and clear because I took them with my cell phone, but here is some of what we saw at the WWE NXT show!
WWE NXT #NXTFortPierce