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Fitness tools, workout plans and more!
November 13, 2012 by

Here are some really great websites and FREE tools to use when trying to lose weight. They've worked for if I can find a website that'll help keep myself motivated! - This is definitely my favorite, and not only because it's FREE. The author provides tips to help you "look good naked" using straight talk. He even has very entertaining NowLoss YouTube videos demonstrating a lot of the workout routines. Find tips on building muscle, getting those sexy curves most women desire and what you should and shouldn't eat!

Side note: They have definitely helped me, my goal now is to focus on reaching my goal weight and not only sticking with a plan when I have a special occasion coming up. The only thing keeping me from losing the weight I need to lose, is my issue of laziness. - Put this together with and you're unstoppable. This tool is great, sort of like weight watchers, except you don't have points to count and it's FREE. With MyFitnessPal you enter your weight, the workouts you've done and it calculates the calories you've burned for you. It also tracks the food you eat, just enter the food using the tracker tool and the quantity. The food you eat, workouts completed and your weight will be recorded. This tool even offers an estimate of how much weight you will lose based on your new routine.

Side note: When I go to the gym I definitely use this tool. What I like about it, is I can see what I've done prior so I'm encouraged to do more. Now, if only I could remember where my gym was located, lol
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