Follow Etiquette or say "Screw It"
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Follow “etiquette” or say screw it?
July 28, 2012 by

How many anniversaries do you actually celebrate each year? If you ask me, I’ll say I celebrate quite a few…but my husband is a totally different story. He’s allergic to Birthdays, Anniversaries and gift giving holidays. He wasn’t always like that, but he has gotten really comfortable and I excuse it since aside from his lack of romantic gestures, he’s a good husband and father. But my goodness, can a girl get an e-card (they’re free!)? lol

Today’s officially the 11th Anniversary of the day my husband and I met (and became boy friend and girlfriend)! I’m spending it by making sure bellies are full and the kids are well, then I will be taking myself to a neighborhood spot for a jazz show. I’ll leave him in his glory, with his lover, La PlayStation Tres (whore!). Late September of this year will be our 10th Anniversary of Marriage, but we’ll celebrate it in October. I’m so excited because it’s supposed to be the grand gesture I’ve been waiting for. To prepare, I’ve been working out, which hasn’t been working out too well. Ughhh! Hopefully I can get my body tight and right in time to find a dress I’ll look fantastic in. I have a few in mind, so I’ll keep you all posted at a later date! I have however, decided on a color for footwear. I’m wearing red…or blue! Just a little something to throw off the gold tone of the ballroom. Gosh, I just realized I haven’t settled on a shoe color either :(

Preparing for the big day, I have viewed YouTube videos of couples celebrating marriage milestones with ceremonies and they look so happy! I have also read quite a few Wedding and Vow Renewal Etiquette articles which say wedding dresses are a big no-no. I’ve pinned rules and I have no interest in gifts or a wedding gown, but aside from that I’m not sure how much I would follow when it comes to the “rules”, since I think the dress styles suggested by these “etiquette” people are boring a little mature. This made me realize I should just do what I want, after all this is MY first marriage ceremony!

Would you follow the rules?
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