"Food tastes better in the Dining Room"
September 17, 2014 by

My son's birthday just passed. Since it's the beginning of the week and we'll be celebrating on the weekend, we knew we still had to do something ON his birthday so I baked a cake and cooked dinner. We always eat food at the same time, which is whatever time I finish cooking, but we eat in different rooms. My kids eat in the kitchen, I usually eat in my room while watching one of my favorite shows and my husband likes to eat in the living room where he controls the channels. We have a habit of only sitting in the dining room when we have company or on a holiday. Seriously!

I keep my dining room spruced up throughout the year with a table runner, fake flowers (lol), place mats, napkins, etc. Every time we get ready to have dinner there, I have to dust and wipe the cobwebs away because it feels like a year has passed since we've last sat around the table. My heart melted while placing food on the table for my son's birthday dinner. It was words from my oldest that made me question the way we've been eating.

"Mommy, why don't we eat in here everyday?"
Birthday Gift
Oh my gosh, yes he asked me a question I actually ask myself every time I've prepared that table. In a time when we have DVR and reruns, why am I rushing through a meal or missing an opportunity to spend quiet time with my family? His question was one I've had many times, but that wasn't what melted my heart. It was what he said after we held hands and my husband prayed over the food. His statement after we all started chewing.

"This is the best dinner.
Food tastes better in the dining room!"

Yes. My baby looked around at his family enjoying a meal together. He noticed, just as I did, that we were having a good time. Even though we were simply eating dinner. As soon as he said that my husband and I looked at each other as if we were both thinking, "why don't we sit here more often?" At that moment I decided I will make an honest effort to have dinner at that table at least twice a week (yes I wrote twice, I have to be realistic!).

How often do you all eat as a family?