Football Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas and Prizes
March 31, 2016 by

I always try to do something unique for my kids' birthdays. Especially when it comes to an actual party, since I only have one big one each year. My oldest enjoys parties and having company. My youngest prefers to go on a mini vacation.

I'm a couponer and pretty cheap year round, but parties are a time I get to splurge, get creative and "go-all-out"...even if I'm doing it frugally (yes, it's in the dictionary!). I found a lot of great ideas for a football themed party online, but there weren't many ideas available regarding favors. I also needed more options when it came to games, but I'll post about that later...

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There will be games, but with the games come winners. So, I had to search for prizes!

I found really cool football shaped trophies on In fact, I found so many cool themes and supplies for every occasion that I signed up to become an affiliate. Please note, this post will contain affiliate links. But everything mentioned is my own honest opinion.
The trophies can be personalized. I was considering it, but I didn't want to spend any more money than required since I already ordered personalized drinking cups as keepsakes for our guests. Personalizing everything might be too showy.
Football Trophy Party Favor
Trophy Party Favor
For the children who tried their best, but didn't reach the finish line first, I found really cool football shaped mini piggy banks. They're really cute, fit the theme and they're actually useful even though they're smaller than usual piggy banks, at 3-1/2". I was initially going to use the piggy banks as part of the party favors, but since I have the personalized cups, I now plan to fill them with mini blowing bubbles, toys and candy.
I will be putting the favors together the night before the party. I will share pictures once they're ready!

Before I go, there's one other favor I will like our guests to leave with. Just as I did with our Pirate themed party and the #DisneySide Valentine's Day Play Date, I will have a Football photo prop. When the kids arrive, I will have them take photos with the prop and they will receive their photo with their favors. I'm excited to see how everything turns out! Are you? :)
Football Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas and Prizes - Football Bank
Football Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas and Prizes - Inflatable Football
Football Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas and Prizes - Football Sunglasses
Football Photo Prop
Check out how great the favors look in person!
Football Themed Party Favors