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Full Day of Summer Time Fun in St Lucie County
June 23, 2017 by

This post is about a day of fun at venues in St Lucie County that are offering free or low cost fun for kids this Summer. However, similar activities can be found and enjoyed at venues throughout the country. See my previous post, Start Planning Summer Time Fun - Free or Low Cost Activities.

During the summer, my day starts later than usual. But I got up early to make sure we'd make the 30+ minute drive in time to enjoy ourselves. Getting to see wildlife up close, but in a safe way, there was no way I was going to let my kids miss the Wildlife Around Us presentation at the Zora Neale Hurston library. A Baby Gator, Snake, Owl and Hawk.
Full Day of Summer Time Fun in St Lucie County
Followed by bowling fun! I had an excuse to break out my new, highlighter / clown looking bowling shoes. Don't you love the colors? They are definitely eye catching and it's nice to have my own pair. However, I didn't realize I would also need a bag to carry them in because you can't wear them from the car to the alley.

Neon bowling shoes, highlighter color bowling shoes
Bowling has become a staple for us that I am sure will become a common occurrence for us even after summer and the Kids Bowl Free promotion. My kids are getting pretty good and they both have shown interest in joining the children's league. It's funny, this specific bowling alley is a no frills type. Not nearly as nice as others in the area, but it has a more welcoming, family type feel to it. We love it and will be here a few times a week.

Have venues in your area that are just plain, but you've become attached to it?
Today was out of the norm for me. I like to choose one activity to do daily, so we can spread them out and save some fun for another day, but so many fun things were scheduled for June 22nd. I told myself I would be more active, and today I was. The bowling alley was a pit stop since I was already on that side of town, and it wasn't going to hurt my wallet.
But, after bowling we had a little time left for me to take a few photos for a blog post (feeling nosey? check it out) and let the kids get a few minutes of playing tag in. We then went home to fill our stomachs, clean up, rest and get ready for the Slide Into Reading book giveaway event and baseball game taking place later in the evening! Fun wasn't over yet!

Are you enjoying summer so far? I'm interested in new ideas, please share!
Presentation from the Hobe Sound Nature Center
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