Hi Readers, I’m getting married!
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Hi Readers, I’m getting married!
July 26, 2012 by

Hello everyone! I have been so busy lately, that my blog looks abandoned. Is it just me, or are the clocks rotating faster than ever now?

Between my kids, my husband (a.k.a. my child #3, no offense hun), my website and marketing…my goodness, where has the time gone? There are so many social sites now, that I have been posting everywhere and spreading myself really thin. But, I’m back with a new blog and some really exciting news. I’m getting married!!!

Actually, we’ve been married almost a decade, but I always wanted to "say" that. Sharing a little personal history, my husband (then boyfriend, duh lol) and I met a few days after my 19th birthday. That night he asked me to be his girlfriend and a little over a year later we went to a courthouse without telling our family members and were hitched! Our parents were upset the first day and thankfully got over it, surprisingly quickly! Four years later we had a beautiful baby boy, relocated to FL from NY, had another beautiful baby boy, bought a house…long story short, it’s now July 26, 2012. <3

The first time around, we wore jeans and the Justice of the Peace only asked “Do you take each other to be husband and wife?” We both said yes and she said “I now pronounce you husband and wife”. Really? One of the most important moments of our lives took just about a minute and a half! No photos, no rice or bubbles, lol. I guess that’s why the long line of people waiting to get married at the Queens Courthouse moved so quickly!

Baggy jeans, jerseys and head bands were my husband’s style back then. Now it’s sexy button down shirts, relaxed fit jeans and stylish shoes. Woohoo! My style included a gel down bang, black lip liner around my lips and jeans with patterns on them (eww!). We look back at old pictures reminiscing on the good old days, imagining a better future and the opportunity we are blessed to look forward to. We’re going to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of our union with a vow renewal ceremony this Fall, at a beautiful Ballroom in Sunny Florida.

Just so you know, we’ve heard it all! According to “etiquette” you’re not supposed to have a wedding if you’re already married, but one of the reasons I believe our marriage has worked, is because we don’t allow anyone to dictate what should be, but us! We never had the dream wedding and although it wouldn’t make sense for my dad to “give me away” (since I’ve already been “had” by my husband), or to have bridesmaids or a dress with a long train and a veil, we will incorporate some of the events of a wedding. I’m so excited and look forward to sharing this journey with those of you interested in hearing about it! So stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come...