Hot NEW Halloween Costumes for 2015
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Last year, my children's Halloween costumes were of members in the band KISS one day and Green Lantern characters at events the day before. Since we've been to Florida, we have done what Floridians do. We go to trunk of treats at City Centers, Churches and the huge events hosted by local police departments. We had so much fun and gained so much attention with their KISS costumes last year, that I feel it's necessary to try to outdo what we've done. The only change I will make is I won't be using masks. They complained the KISS masks were too hot to wear, even for late October! The plastic covers made them sweaty so their hair spent more time covered than their face. I'm not sure what I will buy or make this year, but it has got to be good! If you're like me and planning your costumes a tad bit early, scroll down to see what's hot for 2015!

2013 Halloween Pics

Big Hero 6

What's cool about the Big Hero 6 costumes are that they're available in Adult and Kid sizes and the same costumes come with a muscle or inflatable option. Could you imagine wearing a costume that inflates?

Star Wars: Episode VII

There are a lot of options regarding costumes when it comes to Star Wars. Something for kids, adults and pets alike! There are even an incredible amount of accessories for those who don't want to be fully covered in Star Wars gear.

Also, if you're planning on having a party, it's also a good time to close in on a Star Wars theme. There are lots of party supplies to choose from!

Disney's Descendants and Maleficent characters

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