How Often Do You Try Something New?
January 19, 2018 by

I'm an introvert, who likes to be active and enjoys a challenge. Those challenges may be personal, but I'm working on that since I'm married to someone who actually likes to speak to people and I hate appearing antisocial. Some of the things I thought of trying seem wild. But if I ever find a few friends who have the courage I lack, I would be ready to try some of the crazy things I've seen on Facebook.

This is the season where many people are still actively working to make sure their New Year resolution goals are met. I'm no different. I don't often make resolutions, but I did say I wanted to be more outgoing, and outdoorsy.

What better time to start anew than the first month of a year?

My new challenge is something pretty small, but scared me the first few times I tried it.

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razor Ripstik
How Often Do You Try Something New -
I bought my kids Ripstik Caster Boards.

Big or small, what's your new challenge?
Have you tried something new lately? Comment below.

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I like to encourage them to try new things, without being too pushy about it. I generally choose educational toys, at least one gift has to be educational, but my bigger goal lately has been to get them to play outside, like children did when I was their age.

A few days a week they're enjoying a game of basketball in the yard, but that wasn't enough. Routine becomes dull and they bore easily during outdoor activities. They had a confused look the first time they saw the ripstik. They had experience with regular skateboards, but this was different.

Instead of four wheels, they'd be balancing on two, which my older son wasn't interested in since he isn't light on his feet. It took me a while to do it without holding on to my husband for support. But after seeing me, my kids were ready to try and they enjoyed it so much, I couldn't get another turn. After an hour, yes a whole hour in the park, they got the hang of it.

The scariest part is getting the courage to lift up the second foot and placing it on the tail. After all, each foot is balancing on just one wheel and the board twists in the middle. That evening I ended up buying one for myself. No more it's pink!

I'm no professional (yet), so there's no video to show of me doing tricks, but if you're interested in trying it for yourself, check out the how-to YouTube video below.