How Regular Exercise Can Boost Your Freelancing Business
December 7, 2018 - Guest post by Jennie Benson

Current figures show that "35 percent of the entire American workforce is participating in the freelance economy." As this number continues to grow, it is critical for those who work for themselves to stay competitive and at the top of their game. In addition to attending seminars, reading relevant books, having an engaging website, and attending networking events, one commonly overlooked way to boost one's business is through regular exercise. Staying in top shape has numerous cognitive and physical benefits that can change your work in powerful ways.

If you do not yet have a regular workout routine, explore some of the top benefits this habit can deliver to your freelancing business.
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Improves your ability to relax and de-stress

Self-employed individuals run into incredibly stressful situations each day, and do not have a manager or co-workers to help resolve problems that arise. Thankfully, just 30 minutes of physical activity can quickly break you free from tension. Whether your preferred workout is an exercise bike or hiking in nature, nearly all forms of physical exercise can help you relax and de-stress from your day. By increasing your brain's endorphin levels (a neurotransmitter that helps you feel good), you can expect to feel much more at peace when you make exercise a habit.

Boosts your energy levels

The days of a freelancer can be long and tiring. When more than one deadline lands on the same day or week, it isn't uncommon to work a 12-16 hour day (sometimes, multiple days in a row). Instead of reaching for extra cups of coffee, turn to exercise for your energy boost. Choosing a workout that you enjoy multiple times per week can significantly increase your day-to-day energy levels. Over time, you will feel more awake and alert, and ready to take on even the longest of your work days.
How Regular Exercise Can Boost Your Freelancing Business
Exercise is scientifically proven to enhance creativity

Studies have shown that those who regularly participate in physical activity have enhanced creativity. Because exercise carries with it so many cognitive benefits, it is no surprise, then, that you can expect to enjoy this specific benefit. If you're in the midst of a creativity block, it is recommended that you step away from your work for 15-30 minutes to take a walk. This small change can have a massive impact on your work.

Strengthens your memory

When you work for yourself, you are required to remember everything about your client's projects, your self-employment taxes and finances, and about your deadlines. To stay sharp in your work, boost your memory with a regular exercise plan. Not only does physical activity enhance one's memory, but it also increases your ability to learn and to think clearly. The best part of this benefit? It takes almost no time to achieve. Experts say that your memory will be boosted with just 10 minutes of exercise per day.

Aside from the obvious ways to get an advantage in your freelance work, exercise is a critical component of success. With its power to enhance the memory, boost creativity, and provide stress relief, those who are self-employed should be sure to schedule in weekly physical activity.