This afternoon, I was reunited with a family I have not seen in ages! The Jetsons!!!
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This afternoon, I was reunited with a family I have not seen in ages! The Jetsons...
February 20, 2013 by

My gosh! So today there was absolutely nothing interesting on TV. I already watched the shows I DVR'd last night, so after watching them a second time this morning, it felt like overkill so I deleted them. My usual daytime shows that play while I'm on the computer were not as interesting as they usually are, so I was stuck channel surfing. I put the TV on the reggae and R&B music channels, but it's just the same old songs on heavy rotation so that idea fell through. I then put the TV on the Music Choice country music station, (yes I listen to country music...became a huge fan after moving to Florida) but it reminded me too much of a job I was temping at, so I started to feel drowsy (flash back)!

While scrolling through the cartoon section, I noticed 'The Jetsons' on the guide. OMG!!! Could they be referring to the Jetson family I met when I was a kid? I clicked 'OK' on my remote and believe it or not it WAS that family I used to love! How cool is this? Before I got super excited, I decided to watch the episode. For some reason, when watching "throw back" cartoons as an adult, I start to wonder what the heck I ever liked about them. They seem so (how do I put this mildly?), dumb! Compared to Dora, Bubble Guppies and the Little Einstein's, cartoons didn't teach us anything back then except how to light cats on fire, shoot faces off of ducks or see lab mice fail at trying to take over the world! The Jetson's shocked me, I giggled throughout the episode like a child. I even saw a few black people in it, lmaooooooo. I don't know why it matters now since I didn't care then, but seeing a few black people in the Jetson's is huge!

The episode I watched was Judy's Surprise Birthday Party from 1985. I just
love Judy's personality in this episode, she really treated Curly nicely! The subject
was so current and did not seem outdated at all so I was curious to find out more
about the characters. After doing a little Googling and Wikipedi-ing...I found out
some really interesting "facts" about this family. According to Wikipedia the
father is only 34 and the mom is 33. The mom looks good, but the dad looks old
for his age, doesn't he? The daughter is 15 and the little brother is 6 1/2. Now,
that means the mom had her at 18, but most likely got pregnant at 17. Wow! So
I'm assuming they were married around the time of her pregnancy, that means
she was married reeeeally young. Hmm! And people ask me how I could marry
my husband at 20?!

Curly's not a cutie pie, not rich (you have to watch the episode to understand ->),
but like some of us women in real life...we learn to look passed that for a guy who
treats us right. "Maybe there is more to life than good looks and popularity!", Judy.
My only disappointed this episode came after it was over. Realizing that we're now living in the 21st century and have none of the things in this show. Weren't we supposed to drive space ships and have microwaves that cook every thing by now? Where's my damn robot and why am I still having to walk throughout my home? By now all houses should be equipped with a conveyor belt thingy. That would definitely make bringing in the groceries after a shopping trip easier...actually shouldn't our robots be doing the grocery shopping? I'm tired of making pancakes, where the heck is my breakfast button? Gosh, the future sure isn't as futuristic as I thought it would be growing up! Oh gosh, let me end this blog here before this turns into a rant.

Feel like commenting? What was your favorite cartoon? Do you still watch cartoons?
CarrieFebruary 21, 2013 4:13 AM

I actually don't watch mch tv anymore, but I used to love the Jetsons! I'm still wondering where my flying car is! Hoppin from LWML Thursday hop. Following you now everywhere. I can be stalked ~ FOLLOWED ~ at:

Have a BLESSED day, everybody!

>RondaFebruary 21, 2013 9:23 AM

  Thank you for visiting Carrie, I have officially "stalked" you! :)

Vicki M. TFebruary 21, 2013 9:26 AM

I loved watching the Jetsons as a kid and still do. I miss all the "old" cartoons. Don't like this anime stuff and all the cutesy stuff either. Bring on Roadrunner and Tom & Jerry! Bugs Bunny lovers, unite! Followed you from blog hop. Have a great day!

>RondaFebruary 21, 2013 9:34 AM

  You're right, things are pretty cutesy nowadays. That's probably because there's already so much violence in games they play, so its a balance. Thanks for visiting!  :)

RoseyFebruary 21, 2013 1:43 PM

I liked the Jetsons. The Flintstones was my all-time favorite cartoon. :)  I'm visiting today from Thumping Thursdays and I'm your latest linky follower.

>RondaFebruary 21, 2013 2:22 PM

  Thank you so much Rosey! :)