I washed my Coach bag in the washing machine
I washed my Coach tote bag in the washing machine and...
April 16, 2013 by

Thankfully, my mother has always been a fashionable woman. Some of her pumps from the 80's were shoes I "took over" because in the 2000's those styles returned. A few years ago she gave me a Coach bag that was small enough not to be mistaken for a diaper bag (lol), but large enough for me to use as an everyday bag. I put everything in there, including my huge Nikon camera for when I have events to photograph. Well, this morning when I was getting ready to take my kids to the bus stop, I went to grab my bag and noticed a bunch of sugar ants crawling all over it. Hello Spring!
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Sugar Ants - Thief Ants Orkin
Sugar "Thief" Ant photo from Orkin.com
Coach Bag Washed in the Washing Machine
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