It's the first day of Summer, time for Summertime play!
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It's the first day of summer. More importantly, it's Father's Day. My husband has never really been the type who likes to be celebrated, he's really simple and would prefer hanging out at home relaxing. However, the sun is shining and the playground is calling our name! The kids want to be free!
Voice Of Play: It's the first day of Summer, time for Summertime play!
I mean, we reeeeeally like visiting the playgrounds!

Think about it! What else is open year round, lets the kids tire themselves out and is totally FREE? Kids get to run wild, make friends and get a feeling of independence. Meanwhile they're oblivious to the fact that we're actually watching their every move. After all, for a semi helicopter mom like me, who used to guide my kids' every step when they climb the rock walls or other sets (because we just HAD to leave the playground without a scratch), I realized how much fun it could be if even I let loose. I'm not opposed to climbing up the steps in my wedges and taking a trip down the slide! But, what I like most is the break my children get from electronics and deep thinking.

Although at home most of the games they play are educational, they still spend time during the summer reading and preparing for upcoming lessons by doing work in their common core prep books. But, everyone needs a break and not only do they deserve a break, they deserve to enjoy some sunshine...the playground offers both!

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They spend other seasons cooped up in a classroom for most of the day in a structured environment. Playgrounds are fun, provide exercise and allow the kids to be wild and let loose. We like the visiting the playgrounds!
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