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Man Girdles - Tanks - Shapewear for men!
November 14, 2012 by

Ok, this isn't something men may speak as freely about as women, but shapewear for men is not
something new. Shops like Yummy Tummie, Spanx (called Manx) and Bare Necessities have been selling men's shapewear for quite some time. Let's face it, women wear make-up to enhance looks and possibly cover up do some men. Some women wear heels just for fashion, others to look taller. The man's equivalent are heel lifts, or better yet...shoe's with lifts built in. Women have wigs, have toupees. Women can look up to 10 lbs lighter instantly with a body shaper, and get the confident, sexy look desired. Did we really think some men wouldn't want the same? Are man girdles really so far fetched?

I don't work for the company, nor am I getting paid for this little write up, but I decided to write this blog after seeing the topic of body shapers on men come up while watching a rerun of Girlfriend's a few days ago. On the episode called "Hipocracy", the character Joan was on a blind date with a guy she later found out wore a girdle. I will admit, it was a funny episode, but it left me wondering, why is it so weird to hear that a man wears a girdle?

The holidays are coming up, and if you have a family like mine, they will mention whether you look like you've lost or gained weight. This might be a nice addition to your wardrobe, guys!

I took it upon myself to ask a few men if they would ever consider wearing a man girdle, the first thing they thought to do was laugh at the question. Maybe I shouldn't have asked a guy while he's standing next to his friends. Or maybe I should have made it sound manly by calling it a fit body booster or something. I also asked if they would make fun of a friend if they found out that friend wore a girdle and once again, that question resulted in chuckles. I used my cell phone to show them a photo of the InstaSlim tanks and it peeked their interest. Hmm? So, the fact that it looks like a regular tank top works! Also, knowing it's a top and not tight shorts and half the price charged for slimming tops by other manufacturers made the idea more acceptable to them.

You can buy your own for as low as $19.95 which includes a FREE slim belt...
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