Mommy, what's this? [Walkman]!
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Mommy, what's this?
July 8, 2014 by

Today my son came into my room with this really strange disk thingy in one hand and a rectangular thingamajig in the other. At first I was so ready to yell at him, wondering why he's walking around the house with a smoke detector but as he got closer I realized it wasn't a smoke detector. The condition of it made it look like it could've been some type of artifact used by our grandparents, but it wasn't. At first, I myself couldn't explain what it was to him, because I forgot the names. But as I looked deeper I smiled. I realized, in his hands were a walkman and a CD player. Oh my gosh, how things have changed!

Now, they're having a good time listening to music. Inside of the walkman, there was still a cassette tape (reggae mix), so they know what we used to record tunes. Unfortunately the ribbon in the tape is melted so it won't play, but the radio still works!

Now, I'm thinking of creating a time capsule!
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See, doesn't it look like a smoke detector?