My son's letter to the Tooth Fairy!
My response to my son's letter to the Tooth Fairy!
My son's letter to the Tooth Fairy!
July 16, 2013 by

Yesterday my son lost a tooth. This was a shock because he lost four of his teeth really early (at 4 years old), then all his other teeth got comfortable. In the morning he mentioned his tooth was shaking a bit and by the time my husband and I got back home after grocery shopping we were told it was waiting for us on the counter. I asked him what he plans to do with it and he told me my mom gave him a quarter. So I told him family will give him coins, but the tooth fairy will give him paper, lol.

Usually I would not give a Super hero, Santa or a Fairy credit for things we buy. But, I figured in this day and age, and as mature as he is for his age, it's important to preserve his childhood with more than just children toys, pictures of them at a theme park, etc. A little letter to Santa or a tooth hoarder may be a cute reminder of his childhood when he becomes a man and has a family of his own.
I told him I wanted to keep his tooth with the others and he was worried that if it's not under his pillow the tooth fairy wouldn't leave him anything. I had to think fast, so I told him she may still leave him something if he explains to her that I'd like to keep his teeth in a keepsake book. That would explain the letter he wrote on the top right!

He felt better after his letter, but now the new problem I had was getting him to go to bed. He stayed up until about 12:30 am asking me if the Tooth Fairy was on her way yet! Hahahahahaha!!! I couldn't believe it! Here I am thinking he's asleep, so I'm walking into his room and getting ready to leave $1 under his pillow and his eyes are wide open and he's alert enough to ask me questions. So I decided to just write him a letter (as the Fairy) thanking him for his tooth and at 1 am when he was finally asleep I left the money in an envelope taped to his headboard.

In the morning, he said the Tooth Fairy came and left a note saying thank you...that's it! He asked me if I still had his tooth, I told him yes and that we should go look at the note she left again. He then noticed it was an envelope and was happy to see she left a $1 but said he read that she was supposed to leave chocolate so more teeth can fall out. Oops! I didn't get that memo. Next time he loses a tooth I'll remember to leave a Snicker bar instead...they're cheaper! :)
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