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My Son has a Fever and I'm Freaking Out!!!
March 16, 2013 by

I've been a parent for years now and I know that no matter what precautions we take, fevers and colds are inevitable. Two years ago, my older son had a fever the moment we got to Orlando. The whole trip was spent in the hotel and at the nearby hospital. As I normally do when my babies are not feeling well, I "overreacted". To me, it wasn't overreacting, but that's what happens when I Google symptoms. I swear, according to WebMD, he had the measles. Plus, there was an article saying a measles outbreak had occurred the same time we were there! Everything fit!!!

After waiting for hours at the hospital for the results, we were told it was probably a stomach bug and he would be fine the next day. That didn't explain the red bumps on his body, but I guess it could've been a heat rash. The doctors were right about him feeling better the next day though, because he was back to being himself just in time for us to head home. Luckily we only live a few hours away from Orlando, so getting a vacay do over wasn't a huge deal!

Now my little one is sick. He was coughing before I left home this afternoon, so I gave him medicine, but by the time I got back home I saw him laying on the couch looking fatigued and sickly. It broke my heart! I felt his head, neck and belly and he was really warm so I wanted to rush him to the ER. My husband knocked some sense into me telling me that as soon as my son heard the beep the house alarm makes when the door is first opened, he was running to the door but laid down because he told him to stay on the couch. If I wasn't informed of that, we would be driving to the hospital!

Goodness! It's 1:30 in the morning now and I can't even sleep, every few minutes I'm checking on him. I know he'll be better in a few hours, but in my heart of hearts I picture myself in the passenger seat while my husband is speeding down the highway. I see myself sticking my head out of the window making siren noises while cars are vanishing from the road!

Ughhh, ok...I think I'm ready to sleep now. But, let me check on him just one more time :)
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