Newly Redesigned First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test
June 8, 2015 by

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We've all heard First Response's famous "6 days sooner" slogan. Aside from being able to know whether or not you're pregnant sooner than you would with other pregnancy tests, they've also made it easier to use!

Gone are the days of having to aim on a skinny stick, while trying to stay calm...

All while hoping the results are what you want!
Newly Redesigned First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test
What's New?
  • Longer handle, also curved. Much easier to use!
  • 50% wider tip means better aim!
  • Easy read window, most important part is seeing the results!

Why Choose First Response?
  • FDA Approved
  • Detects all relevant forms of urinary hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) throughout pregnancy
  • Over 99% Accurate from day the of your expected period
  • Detects pregnancy 6 days sooner than your missed period
  • One line, not pregnant. Two lines, pregnant.
  • Use this test any time of the day!
  • See the results in as little as 3 minutes!
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For years, I have been talking about how much I want a daughter. I know it sounds strange when I tell this to someone, but in my family people only have children of one sex. Simply put, if someone has a daughter, all the kids that follow will be little girls, and vice versa. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed hoping that one day, while unloading groceries a stork would fly down and drop off the baby girl I have been dreaming about. Wishful thinking, but I was told if you put something out into the universe, it may happen! So I'm putting the idea of a healthy baby girl landing safely on my doorstep out there, oh and my student loans magically disappearing. Hey, a girl can dream!

To those who are not as random as I am...

Those of you who are "putting in work" and trying to have a child, knowing your pregnant as soon as it's possible, is both important and exciting. I'm pretty sure if you've taken a pregnancy test before, as soon as you've reached even a week before your expected period, you have already started counting down days before you could take the test. Trust me, I've been there. Back when I was "trying", I would take a test and if it came out negative I would think I probably took it too soon or maybe I didn't do something right. First Response took care of those issues with their newly redesigned Early Result Pregnancy Test. Longer Handle + Curved Test + Wider Tip + 3 Minutes + Over 99% Accuracy means better results!!!
Sold at all major drugstores, mass merchandisers and grocery stores. Retail Value: $8.99 - $15.99