Overdoing It With Photos?
Overdoing It With Photos?
May 19, 2013 by

Do you ever go somewhere with your family and the background is so beautiful you turn the evening into a photo shoot? I have been overdoing it with pictures of my kids since I had my first baby. Granted, I don't go as crazy as I used to, I took daily photos then, now it's just weekly, lol.

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party in the park and when I saw the kids get out of the bounce house to start playing in the grass, that's when I pulled my camera out of my bag. It was so cute to see them playing with the other kids, but I was eager to get pictures of just the two of them. My little one is always a team sport, but as soon as my older one notices me coming with a camera in my hand he gets the "aw man" look on his face. He's a little annoyed with how many times I interrupt his play time for photos, lol. I just think as parents we all believe we have the cutest kids ever and want to capture it! A good example of that is the picture below of Jus with his hands on his knees. He finally stood up and had his game face on giving me a nice pose. Then he ran away, my little one following!
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