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PLAYFul trends of 2016, According to Voice of Play
June 20, 2016 by

Guess what, it's the first day of Summer! We work. We NEED to play! Whether it's playing freely as kids do, or enjoying some free time spending energy on whatever makes us happy.

According to the experts at IPEMA and the Voice of Play, the hottest eight trends in play this year are:

  • An Hour a Day
  • Made to Move
  • Beyond Childhood
  • It’s Better Outside
  • Back to Nature
  • All Inclusive
  • Taking Chances
  • Mind Expanding
Considering the PLAYFul trends of 2016, "It’s Better Outside" is my pleasure. I'm guessing that's why I enjoyed the gym so much. Time to hang out with other adults, working out and experiencing new challenges. Even though I would complained about the Workout Of the Day or even the warm-up, I had fun. Seriously, where else can you see people 30 - 60 years old doing bear crawls around a building?

I believe many adults are big kids at heart, but we don't always find the time or have the time to let that energy out. Due to my summer time schedule, I'm unable to attend the morning crossfit / bootcamp classes I enjoyed for months. I have nowhere to practice pullups, well in my case...jumping pullups. I don't want to lose the progress I've made so far. Since I have to wait until the Summer break is over before I return to the gym, the park has become a good option. But...

It's rainy season. It literally rains for a few minutes or more nearly every day! So, when the park doesn't work, we play outside in the yard. Trying to enjoy some moments of sun before more rain appears. Also, another opportunity for me to practice bear crawls without awkward stares from strangers.
Voice of Play

Learn more about the eight PLAYFul Trends of 2016 at
International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA)
PLAYFul Trends of 2016 Voice Of Play
"Outdoor fitness pursuits have surged in the past few years with boot camps, Cross Fit and other outdoor workout enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes who prefer their workout with the sun on their faces..."
~ VoiceOfPlay
Now, get your PLAYFul self outside and have some fun!

Which of the PLAYFul Trends of 2016 will you participate in?
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