Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas
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Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas
March 9, 2014 by

Have I mentioned previously how much I love Pinterest? I went on there to create a board for Pirate theme goodies just so I can have an easy place to keep track of things I found. After searching their site for additional ideas, I came across much better ideas than I originally had. Things I can do myself, which means I can save money (yay)!

There are some really creative people in this world! Here are some goodies I found...

Games: Pirate Hook Toss, "Walk the Plank", Treasure Hunt and the Pirate Bounce house we've rented.

My son's birthday falls on Easter weekend this year and I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate some of the Easter Holiday party supplies I bought last year. The colors don't match our pirate theme and the decorations look a bit too girly for an 8 year old boy's birthday celebration, so I have decided to have a Treasure Egg Hunt...this way a few of them items and prizes can be used.

Cool Decor and more...
I'm still looking for cool ideas, so if you have some, please share! :)
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PIrate Birthday Party Ideas on Pinterest
Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas