Do You Remember Cross Country USA and other Old School Games?
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Do You Remember Cross Country USA and other old games?
April 21, 2013 by

For years I have been thinking about the games I used to play in elementary school. The games were grainy, and kind of slow...but that didn't matter because they were still so much fun. Then fast forward to today, I saw my brother in law watching a game on his Ipad and it wasn't until I saw a triangle appear on the screen that I realized he wasn't watching a game, he was playing a game. Technology has come so far! Our children are tech savvy. Even two year olds ask to see the photo you just took with your camera. They can even find and download games on a cell phone. Amazing!!! I used to think children of this generation were unbelievably smart and that it must be something new in the breast milk, but it's really just a sign of the times we live in.

But still...

...I have been missing some old school games. I'm not referring to games like Pac Man, I can find that anywhere. I'm referring to PC games like 'Cross Country USA' and 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego'! Damn, now the Carmen Sandiego theme song is stuck in my head...

I remember computer class in elementary school and my teacher Mr. Dicker (yes, that was his real name), lecturing us before we were allowed to turn on the computer to play. I remember wanting him to shush so bad just so I can go on and have fun. After all, it wasn't like I had the game at home. Being able to put an end to the days when I'm dreaming of playing it and actually playing it today was a dream come true. Actually, being able to find AND download it today FOR FREE was a dream come true!!! I was so happy that not only did I decide to leave a donation by paying for a 30 day access that I probably won't use, I decided to share the web site I found it on, so hopefully other people who are interested can find it too, and help keep their web site alive!

BTW Did you know there was a Cross Country USA 2???

See a list of old school games available at
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