Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System Review
May 25, 2013 by

Under the mulch is landscaping fabric that I placed a few months ago. The fabric lasted weeks without interference, but days ago I started to notice a few dollar weeds pushing through the mulch in my garden area. Since the dollar weeds have the strength to push through the strong fabric and inches of mulch, it must go down! The time is right for me to try the Amdro Powerflex Lawn Weed Killer.

Disclaimer: I received the Amdrop Powerflex Lawn Week Killer free to test and share my honest opinion.

Getting started:

It literally takes only a few seconds to connect whichever solution you plan to use to the sprayer. So easy, my husband could do it! :)

Step One: Unscrew the cap and fill with water up to the 'one gallon' line. Then place the cap back on.

Step Two: Remove cap from the concentrate you intend on using and screw the 4 oz bottle onto the top of the spray gun.

Step Three: Remove top flap from gallon bottle cap. This is where you will connect the hose that is attached to the sprayer.
Step Four: Remove the "safety" from the sprayer. (It comes of easily). That's it!!!

In the photos on the bottom, you can see the sprayer (left photo) and the wet dollar weeds (right photo). I will also use the sprayer in my front yard garden area because the area under the mulch is filled with grass and weeds poking through since mulch was spread there without being lined with landscaping fabric for the purpose of this review. I will continue this review in upcoming weeks with additional before and after photos to see how well this product actually works!


Unfortunately, weeds continued to grow :(
Amdro Powerflex Pest and Weed System Review