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Disclaimer: The above is my honest opinion of the Himalayan Salt Lamp. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.

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Authentic Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp
Authentic Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp
May 31, 2017 by

I have wanted a Salt Lamp for some time now. Months before receiving the Himalayan Salt Lamp I read about its benefits after speaking to a woman while shopping for incense and a singing bowl. Since I like to burn incense, sage and have air fresheners throughout my house, the natural purifying Himalayan Salt Lamps provide is necessary. The claims were pretty convincing.

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I like for my house to have a fruity or floral scent, or scents created by organic essential oils. They leave a fantastic smell in my home. However, the possibility of it leaving hazardous pollutants in the air scares me. In case you weren't aware, the EPA includes air fresheners in their list of air pollutants due to some ingredients.
Authentic Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp
I have tried making homemade potpourri by simmering spices with oranges and apple peels and although it works great, it doesn't last as long as store bought fresheners do. I have multiple house plants throughout the house, which are known to reduce carbon dioxide levels and pollutants. But, the affordable price of Himalayan Salt lamps and their many benefits, make adding it to the house desired, at least to try.
100% Authentic Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp Product Details
  • The weight ranges from 7 - 11 lbs.
  • Made using authentic pink salt sourced straight from the Himalayan mountains, this salt crystal light treats you to all the amazing therapeutic benefits.
  • Comes with a UL-approved 6ft power cord, two 15 watt Light Bulbs & rotary dimmer switch.
  • A base made of 100% genuine neem and produces a soothing amber glow that creates a tranquil atmosphere in any room.
  • Kept the pure pink rock salt in its rough, natural state, making it much more effective than polished Himalayan salt lamps. Enjoy better air purification, improved relief from allergies, deeper sleep at night, and heightened mood & concentration.
  • No dealing with time-consuming cleaning procedures. It naturally cleans itself as it works.
  • Never produces any harmful odors or chemicals.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our Himalayan light salt crystal lamp comes with an iron-clad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind and the best bang for your buck.
Review The salt lamp is heavy, but it was packaged well and covered in strong plastic. There were no defects, just a little salt remnants after removing the plastic. The base is made of wood. It has a cord attached with a dimmer. As shown in the photos, you can see how dim and bright the lamp shines. It also comes with an additional bulb and lifetime warranty.

The purpose of a Himalayan Salt Lamp is to purify the quality of indoor air. If you're someone who suffers from ailments like asthma, or allergies like me, salt lamps are believed to be beneficial.

"According to leading health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, air that is filled with too many positively charged ions, such as is the case in rooms filled with electronics, can lead to heightened agitation, difficulty concentrating, sleep interruptions and a higher amount of free radicals accumulating in your body..."

"...The salt naturally absorbs moisture and humidity from the air, and in turn, some of the pollutants which are contained within it. When the salt is heated, such as in a salt lamp, negative ions are created. Negative ions work to purify the air, as they attract pollutants and ground them. These negative ions are naturally produced in the environment after storms – hence why the air is so crisp and refreshing after a thunderstorm."  - AlternativeDaily

Aside from the beautiful light it emits, it does generate some negative ions. There is no way for me to say exactly how much, or whether any at all, but I wouldn't expect a salt lamp to provide enough to cleanse a room completely. Especially considering how many electronics and other pollutants are used in my home on a regular basis. Most websites that claim they do, are trying to sell the idea and promote sales of salt lamps. The benefits have yet to be proven officially. However, personally speaking, a lot of the natural home remedies my family have passed down generation after generation for treating colds, skin issues, etc. have worked like a charm, but I'm sure our doctors would not recommend them or have even heard of them. Shea Butter, Coconut Oils, Coconut Water are things used by people in the Caribbean forever, and only in the last few years has it become popular and watered down for sales in the U.S.. So, you never know!

I do know, I rather have it than not. The lamp alone is a prettier and more comforting option than common lamps. Even if its benefits are only in our head, it provides a nice, controllable glow to the room and with a lifetime warranty, if it ever stops lighting, it can be replaced with no problem.

Do you own a Himalayan Salt Lamp? If not, would you purchase one?
Authentic Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp