Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash Review & Giveaway
February 6, 2014 by

Have you ever heard of Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash? I haven't, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it. I'm a bar soap fanatic, still hoarding cases of them, but I'm always willing to try something different.

The Dial body wash has Vitamin Boost (Vitamin B which keeps skin hydrated) and it's lotion infused. More importantly, for people like me who like to smell fresh after a shower (I'm not a fan of fragrance free soap), this body wash smells so good! It has a noticeable fragrance without being over powering. I have sensitive skin so I cannot use some products without ending up with little bumps and rashes on my skin and thankfully I didn't have any issues when using this. One thing I do have to get used to is that this product doesn't dry the skin. I tend to appreciate feeling as if all the soap (moisture) came off during a shower, with this my skin still felt soft which is a little weird to me right now, lol (I know it shouldn't be!).

Would you like to try it?

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Disclaimer: I received the Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash as a Purex Insider.

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Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash Review and Giveaway