Everbellus Tummy Control High Waist Brief
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I'm not a stranger to garments that claim to provide tummy control. I have purchased quite a few that say they provide firm or ultra firm hold, but did nothing but disappoint. Because of the claims and design, I was intrigued by the Everbellus Women's Tummy Control Briefs / High Waist Shaping Panties. It had a Velcro band which is unlike any I've seen before, so I had to jump on the chance to review one. Check out the manufacturers claims and read my review below!

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Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product.

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  • Material: 90% Polyester & 5% Cotton & 5% Elastan
  • Two-layer panel with Velcro offers more support and compression for your tummy.
  • Brief-style panties in microfiber fabric featuring high waist and comfort waistband.
  • Stretch boyshort will shape your stubborn areas and offer instant tummy control.
  • Lightweight and seamless panty is comfortable for all day.
  • Natural looking curves provide a flawless look under any clothes.
Review The Everbellus Women's Tummy Control Briefs actually assists in making the midsection appear flatter. Because I live in FL, full body shapers can become uncomfortable and hot. I don't wear the shapers that extend to the knees because I wear skinny jeans and the linings show under my clothes.

This feels as comfortable as bathing suit bottoms, but with stronger support. They're comfortable, lightweight and the second layer panel and Velcro allows you the option of making the control tighter or looser. When Wearing the underwear without the second panel up, my waist decreased by 1 1/4" which would be disappointing had this been regular firming underwear (which is why I have been disappointed with others I have tried). By wearing the Velcro where it is worn is the stock photo, the appearance of my stomach area decreased by 2 2/3". If I wanted to, I could tighten it, but since I spend a lot of time in the seated position working from the computer, it wouldn't be as comfortable and the Velcro area may detach. However, standing up I could decrease my midsection by at least 3 1/2" with this underwear. I will be using this while exercising, because with tights and a long tank top, I don't have to worry about linings. In addition, the location of the compression will help me sweat without restricting my movements.

As mentioned, the only improvement I would suggest is to create a no-line version of these briefs! Did I forget to mention it comes with a tape measure so you can measure the difference?!?

Would I recommend it? Yes! This is a good garment and I definitely recommend it for workouts or regular wear, as long as you don't care about panty lines or you wear pants loose enough or a top long enough to hide it. It helps decrease the look of your tummy. I would not wear this under a dress or with a close fitting top since the Velcro areas would show, it doesn't lay smooth all over like a panty because of the straps.

The only issue is if you have rolls, but tight skin the top of this garment may accentuate that. It reaches higher on my midsection than the model and it did roll down into my waistline while wearing it. If you're wearing a tunic top or something similar, it will be fine!