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Ever since I was little, the weirdest things would happen to me. Because of this, my mother would joke that I should donate myself to science. Everything I do, seems to take a toll on me after a while and I experience issues many of my peers do not.

For example: I know lots of bloggers and people who have regular day jobs and work at the computer constantly. I have a bad case of carpal tunnel, they do not.
UGLee Pen - Ergonomic Pen Review on Ronda Writes - Total Randomness!
UGLee Pen - Ergonomic Pen Review on Ronda Writes - Total Randomness!
UGLee Pen - Ergonomic Pen Review on Ronda Writes - Total Randomness!
  • I attended school like nearly every other human being, and pencils have been abusive to my middle finger. I write with both hands and the hand that I write with less has what I refer to as a "finger corn", others call it a "writer's bump".
  • When I was in College, as I walked from the train station to my school, my calves would get rock hard. (Could that have been a sign?)
  • Sometimes my toes (which curl) would suddenly flatten and looks like they're mad at each other.
  • Sometimes my knee would dislocate and my calf to foot would rotate 90 degrees. (Eww, that's so weird, right?)

When the opportunity to try an "ergonomic pen" called the UGLee Pen appeared, of course I wanted one! First I wondered, "what the heck is a ergonomic pen?", then I said to myself, "who cares, the description says it's good for carpel tunnel!!!"

On the website, it is described as "the world's most comfortable ergonomic pen". I haven't tried all the pens in the world so I cannot say, but compared to all the pens I have tried and the one specialty pen I wasted my money on, this is definitely a winner! Just so you have an idea of what it feels like; it's soft and squishy. I don't feel the hard press against my finger that I usually feel when holding a pen or pencil. It feels like a pen wrapped in a gummy worm that's soft enough for toddlers to eat, lol...

Here are the pros:

  • This pen is really light!
  • The grip is soft against your fingers.
  • The soft grip continues up to 1/2 cm to the tip of the pen, so people who write holding the pen at the tip or towards the middle of the pen are all covered.
  • It's not actually an ugly pen...The letters UG stand for Ultimate Grip", Lee (James Lee) is the name of the doctor who invented this pen.
  • It comes in more than one color (red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white and gray). Some people may not care about that, but I like to have options!
  • The three popular ink colors are available (red, blue, black).
  • You can purchase ink refills.
  • It writes easily, smoothly.
  • They're sold in packs of three!

I have used this pen for the day and have not come across anything I did not like about it, so there are no cons to report at this time!

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Disclaimer: The above review is my own opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.
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