Savoon Fitness tru-Copper Compression Socks + Coupon
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The Savoon Fitness Nylon Compression Socks are pretty long, not below the knee length like others I've tried. It can actually stretch over my knees, though I stop it at the knees. They fit as compression socks should and don't roll down while wearing. It's not uncomfortably tight and I can still fit my arm in it while wearing it. So, if your legs and calves are bigger, this will be comfortable to wear. (For reference, I wear a pants size 10-12 in women, and selected a large in the socks).

This set comes with two pairs of compression socks. I wear a size 8 1/2 in shoes, my husband wears an 11, and the feet of the socks can stretch to fit us both. I work from my home office and spend a lot of hours still. Every 15-20 minutes I try to walk around a bit. Without the sock, I would still have occasional tired feet or feel a mild pain in one of my calves or feet. With the socks, and stretching my legs I have no leg problems.
the socks are still as important now, for different reasons. During the day I spend a lot of hours sitting at my computer, working. Compression socks have been my go-to for easing leg cramps, tired legs and avoiding clots. I have collected quite a few, but here is my review of the Savoon Fitness Nylon Compression Socks.
I heart compression socks. Previously, I mentioned how much I wish I had compression socks back in college when I would have to do that quick NY jog/walk to the college campus. In case you weren't aware, we don't walk in the city, we rush and if you don't maintain the speed of the other speed walkers, you don't feel as if you'll ever reach your destination. At the end of that, I would look for the first chair I could find. Trying to ease the pain I felt in my lower legs. My calves would tighten and hurt badly, no matter what footwear I had on or whether or not I took my time (sort of). Doctors I visited then had no idea what the problem was, it's just something I lived with.

When I started doing crossfit, compression socks became a necessity. That’s also when I was first introduced to them. I still exercise and although I’m no longer taking crossfit classes,
I wash my items before using and these wash well, no shrinkage and no stretching of the material. No lose threading and the stitching was done neatly. If you suffer from any of the pains I mentioned, consider these socks.

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tru-Copper™ Compression Socks for Men & Women with Graduated Compression Fit.

Ideal for Nurses, Shin Splints, Running, Edema, Diabetics, Varicose Veins, Flight Travel, & Maternity.

Get the Best Designed Socks for Everyday Use and Outdoor Activities.

  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED DESIGN: Compression Therapy Technology Increases Blood Circulation, Relieves Arch Pain, Reduces Foot Swelling!
  • Our socks have 15-20mmHg Compression with Full Limb comfort.
  • Promotes better oxygen circulation.
  • Designed to give comfort and support where it's needed.
  • Our compression socks helps reduce lactic acid build up and aids muscle recovery in your calf, ankle, feet, and legs, while the toe area won’t squeeze your aching toe joints.

We spend so much time on our feet and tend to neglect our feet & legs. It is estimated that 240 Million people will suffer back pain, that started with a problem in their feet.

Anti-odor Technology with Anti-Bacterial Fabric, your feet and legs will thank you. Moisture wicking fabric keeps feet dry and cool. Guaranteed Highest Content and Purest Copper Infused Socks. We are so sure you will love our socks, we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied! Includes Two Pairs.