T.K.O. Knock Out Weight Loss Tea Review
July 16, 2014 by
T.K.O. Knock Out Weight Loss Tea Review
This month, I have the opportunity to try the T.K.O Knock Out Weight Loss Tea. To boost the chances of losing weight in just 10 days, I am going to incorporate exercise and the Skinny Jane "Quick Slim" 10 Day Challenge.

I love tea, although I usually have a headache from it by mid morning. This tea has a smaller amount of caffeine in it, compared to my usual brand, so hopefully I won't feel any undesirable effects from it. T.K.O. Knock Out Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and the company recommends drinking it two to three times a day, before meals. I like my morning and night tea hot, so that's the way I will have it.

Day 1: The tea sachet is to be mixed with 10 oz of water. Initially, 10 oz sounded like a lot, but after making it I realized it would fill only 1/2 of my mug. Whoa, so I've been drinking way too much tea for years! It tastes like peppermint tea, but it is without sweetener, so I added two packets of Stevia so it would be to my liking. After drinking it, I felt fine. So I will update this post after completing 10 days, including any weight loss I experience!

Day 10: I didn't follow the Quick Slim Challenge completely, but I did eat better and can say as a result I've lost a few pounds this week! 4 pounds to be exact. I drank the tea twice a day, while working at the computer. I have a habit of forgetting to eat, then eating junk when I do eat, and knowing that I was reviewing this tea and could possibly see results quickly made me not even want any snacks. It's necessary to mention that I also felt full after a cup and would eat just a light meal.

My favorite breakfast option from the Skinny Jane Quick Slim list was a hard boiled egg with a slice of whole wheat toast. You also have the option of adding a tablespoon of sugar free jelly. I wasn't about to eat sugar free jelly (lol), so I sliced up a 1/4 of a cucumber, sliced the hard boiled egg and took a very small pinch of sea salt and sprinkled it on the toast and enjoyed it. This egg sandwich was really satisfying and hours flew by without me feeling hungry again. I actually had to keep my timer by the computer so I would know when to have my next meal.

My thoughts: If you follow this plan, you will definitely lose weight. I didn't even follow it fully, but I have had positive results. I know some may think it's just water weight, but it's not the case. I drank lots of water as I normally do, cut back on junk, ate red meat, my favorite starches and chicken breasts some days and felt fine. I didn't feel as if I was missing out on anything and I didn't experience the usual jittery feeling or headaches that I usually get after having a caffeinated beverage. I'm a happy new customer!
T.K.O. Knock Out Weight Loss Tea
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