The Fast Metabolism Diet Book Review
April 24, 2013 by

The Fast Metabolism Diet Book by Haylie Pomroy arrived at my doorstep on April 23rd, and I spent a day trying to figure out which one of my family members thought I was so fat they needed to send me a diet book. It wasn't until I was checking emails this morning that I realized this book actual arrived courtesy of SheSpeaks, for me to review. I read the front, then the back. Everything looked good so far, then I opened up the book and what I read made me say "what the ...?".

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In the text, it states "In four weeks you'll not only see the weight fall off, but don't be surprised to find your cholesterol drop, blood sugar stabilize, energy increase, sleep improve and stress melt away as well" - Haylie Pomroy. This includes meal plans, so this should be easy right? Wrong! I already see a long list of food items I would never eat under usual circumstances. Celery stalks with coconut flakes? Seriously? While we're at it, what the heck is Tahini? For the sake of this review...and my waistline, I will try my best to follow this program. Stay tuned for updates as I begin this journey on Monday!

Reading the book, twice, April 24th - April 26th: I wasn't a fan of the Introduction. I honestly felt as if I was reading simply to provide a book report about the author. Although the purpose was to provide readers information of herself so we can trust her ideas, and the diet...I felt myself growing impatient. After all, I wasn't anxious to read about the author, I was anxious to commit, begin the program and see results. I guess that's why I never joined any program that involved consultations. Although they can be useful, and forces you to hold yourself accountable...I'm not in the mood for a speech. But, I do appreciate the straight talk and guidance from afar!

After reading the book I was at ease. Initially I saw things I would never ask someone working in a grocery store to help me find. Things I've never heard of. Another thing I appreciated was that although the author recommends choosing organic, you don't have to. When choosing veggies you have the option of choosing fresh, canned or frozen. How great is that? Full recipes so no guessing and complete list of things I can and cannot have during the phases! There are fruits and veggies I like, pork, beef, chicken, corned beef, eggs, fish, seasonings, condiments, starches and a lot more that I already enjoy. Plus snacks, Lord knows how much I love snacking, lol. I'm so excited, I'm putting together a grocery list, however I have a feeling I will be in the grocery store daily.

These are my thoughts on the Fast Metabolism Diet book, now follow me as I do the program!

Disclaimer: I received the Fast Metabolism Diet Book for the purpose of a review. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try.
The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy
Now I'm a person who is overweight, but I do not have an overeating problem. My issue is not sticking to a fitness regime, having to stay stationary since I work from the computer and eating the wrong foods (junk). As mentioned in a previous post, I have lost weight following the Slim in 6 fitness workout, all while not changing any of my other habits, but my goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. It's been hard, I've been hoping for a magic pill or at least for every veggie to taste like french fries, but it hasn't happened yet. Staying motivated and getting off my butt to do the workout or cook a meal that my arteries will appreciate is the problem.

Like many others, I've tried a lot of programs. However, this will be my first time trying a diet this restrictive. This book teaches us how to keep our metabolism guessing by following three phases each week.