Ronda's 2014 Holiday Wish List!
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Ronda's 2014 Holiday Wish List!
November 23, 2014 by

Normally I wouldn't create a wish list because let's face it, I usually buy my own gifts. But this year I decided to gather some things I like and release it to the universe, in the form of a blog post. Who knows, maybe my husband will come across it and spend a little time online shopping! :)

I enjoy nice accessories, food, but I also want to look good, so although I'm going to satisfy my sweet tooth every once in a while, I will surely work out more than usual. I'm sick of looking pregnant when I'm not, lol. Here's a list of some of the items I've had the opportunity to try and like a lot. Above all else, I really hope to see the rower under the Christmas tree this year!

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Mrs Cavanaugh's Chocolates
Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates
SUSU Handbags
Ronda's 2014 Holiday Wish List!
Taza Wine Glasses
Still working on my mid section, until then
Instaslim has become a friend of mine!
The rower was my favorite exercise machine at my college gym. I would love one for home use!
Of course the TAZA Wine Glasses made the list. I live with a bunch of males, two who happen to be under 10 years old and I love to host parties.

I can only imagine the kind of setup I can make then instead of using ugly foam cups, I can create drinks using these gorgeous shatterproof glasses that happen to be made out of plastic!