Showing Our Disney Side in 2015 Party Prep! #DisneySide
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As I still try to get all the plans together so we can have a fun Valentine's DisneySide party, I checked out Pinterest for ideas on how to make a photo booth prop. I found some fantastic things, man people are really creative, but either they were passed my level of patience or abilities, or didn't have exactly what I was looking for. Here's what I came up with!

Creating a Disney theme photo prop!

I wasn't exactly sure what kind of photo prop I wanted to create, but I came across a black foam board while walking through Dollar Tree. In the same aisle, there were different color poster boards, so I decided to just grab a red one for the pants and have fun making the simplest Mickey Theme photo board ever!

What you'll need:

In case you're interested in copying this style, you will need to have:
  • Poster board (1 red, 1 black) (or use a sheet of black construction paper)
  • Foam board (black if available)
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Steps (with photos):

1- Cut a square or rectangular hole into the hard board. Note: I measured the hole properly, but the board is foam therefore difficult to get a clean, straight line. That will not matter!

2- Cut the red poster board. Size will vary and is based on how big you want "Mickey's pants to be.

3- Once you have an idea of how big the pants will be, place glue on the poster board (on the side that will be visible) and then glue "Mickey's pants" to the poster board.

4- Fold a sheet of white paper and cut a circle or oval into it. This is will Mickey's pant buttons. Glue the pieces to Mickey's pants.

5- Turn board over and measure a sheet of black paper.  Make sure the length is enough to cover black side of the foam board and wide enough to wrap around to the back of the board where it will be taped. Make sure the black over paper is under the red pants (repeat for other side).

6- The top color is your choice. It makes sense to use black paper to cover the top, but I chose to use red instead (I'm different, lol). Once the two sides are covered, while the board is face down, slide the top cover paper under the top of the board. Note: if using wood to hold your poster, this is when you would staple or nail the poster to the wooden sticks before gluing the top cover. Glue top cover on both sides.

7- I added the Mickey Face prop because otherwise it would have went to waste, but adding two large black circles for Mickey's ears would work great too!
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Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
Creating a Disney themed photo prop -
I found these cute little snack pails at the dollar store. Perfect addition for the party!

I have no idea what I'm using them for though!