Showing Our Disney Side! #DisneySide
February 12, 2014 by

When I think of Disney, I think of Saturday morning cartoons and my childhood. I think of fun, colorful characters and when showing my Disney side, I think of an excuse to have a party! I was elated to be offered the opportunity to participate in
Showing Our Disney Side
"Show Your Disney Side"!

I received free hostess gifts from MomSelect and Disney Parks. As soon as the box arrived, I took a sneak peak. How could I not? The box was huge and heavy, I had to see what was inside. That week I began planning for the party. My son's birthday is in April, and we're already planning to have a big celebration then, so I didn't want to plan anything too big so close, but I did want something fun and memorable. So I thought a Disney themed play date would be perfect!

In the box are Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutters. That solves one snack option. I also plan to use the cookie cutter for other food items. My party is scheduled for February 15th, so since it's Valentine's Day weekend I will combine the holiday with the party theme, but using blues instead of reds since the party will be filled with boys.

One option I have is to have "build your own cupcakes". Lots of Valentine's Day candy will be on sale which saves me the hassle of trying to find Mickey Mouse candy. Once the icing is on the cupcakes, kids can use the bowls filled with candy to add whatever candy they choose to the top.

I'll have more ideas as the time passes, I'm so excited!
MomSelect and Disney Parks - My Disney Side
When life gives your lemons (Update 2/13/14).......

My Disney Side party was schedule for the Saturday after Valentine's Day. Chock full of chocolates, blues instead of reds for a Valentine's Day theme boys can appreciate and fun! Unfortunately, my baby has pneumonia :( so it's postponed until further notice!

My "Showing your Disney Side" party has been rescheduled for 3/1/14 - view post