Sign up for the Dial Rewards Program
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Sign up for the Dial Rewards Program
July 21, 2015 by

Disclaimer: This post was created as a Purex Insider.
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Enter code for 500 points. By using this code, I get credit for referring a friend
and I may win a prize :)
DIAL: "Dial Rewards is a new, easy and fun way to interact with the Dial brand, with a chance to win huge prizes. As a member you win & gain points for participating in various monthly activities. These points can be used for chances to win exciting prizes like a $10,000 cash sweepstakes, gift cards, Dial products and more"
Like Dial products? Good! What's even better is you can earn points on the new website for simple things like watching a video, taking a survey, entering a code, etc. You might be wondering, what's the point? Well, when you earn points, those points can be redeemed on Sweepstakes or Instant Win games.

It's really easy to accumulate points and the sweepstake entries costs are low. Like, reeeeally easy. In fact, most surveys have just 1 question, but is worth 1,000 points! There is a video that's just 15 seconds long, but you will earn 500 points for watching it. You even get 50 points just for signing in. I've earned over 7,000 points in less that 15 minutes. That's pretty good for a rewards program, right?

So JOIN NOW and use my code H31KG for 500 points!!! *You get an easy 500 points and by using this code, I get credit for referring a friend and I may even win a prize (fingers crossed) :)