Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! (PHOTOS)
March 28, 2016 by

There are over 400 real animal skeletons at this Orlando attraction. So, in addition to Skeletons being within the lively area of Orlando I've grown to love (Pointe Orlando), knowing the skeletons on display are real, made visiting this museum a must-see for me. By now, you should know I checked for coupons! I was happy to see that there was a Groupon deal available, so the admission cost was under $35 for all four of us!
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Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! (PHOTOS)
The image above is of Dermestid Beetles (Flesh Eating Beetles) "cleaning" a skull. I actually thought there were different types of bugs in this case, but it's actually a type of Beetle in different stages of life: eggs, larvae and adults. There is a time lapse video that shows you how the Beetles work to remove all the flesh from the skeletons, which decrease the work for the workers harvesting them. Really cool to see, but totally makes my skin crawl!

By the time we left, I realized I took over 300 photos. There was no way I could share them all, so here are some of the images that stood out, to me. I'd recommend this place for people looking for something different, educational and kind of creepy.