Starting an Avocado Tree
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Starting an Avocado Tree
July 19, 2014 by

A few weeks ago I posted photos on my instagram page showing how beautifully my mother in law's fruit plants have grown. She has a papaya tree, avocado tree, banana tree, mango tree and more. There are a few others in their beginning stages. It only took about 5 years for some of her plants to start bearing fruit and I was thinking I should've started growing plants as soon as we bought our house. Thinking about how often I eat avocados and how expensive they are,  my gosh, I could save a bundle! Well, no point in dwelling on the past, I'm going to start an avocado tree and document my "success"!

I Googled an easy way to grow avocados and found that there were a variety of avocados. I only knew of two; Hass avocados and the sexy smooth green ones, lol. The avocado seed I'm using is from a large, smooth, oval shaped one, but I'm not sure exactly which type I have because a few look similar.

I found directions for planting it on and will be following the avocado houseplant directions, this way I can keep an eye on it. I will follow up on the growth at a later date. Stay tuned!
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Avocado Seed
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Starting an Avocado Tree
Photos from My Mother-In-Law's Backyard