The Closet Falleth Over! February 18, 2013
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The Closet Shelf-a-Falleth Over!
February 18, 2013 by

I was on the computer in our home office (extra bedroom) as usual, killing time and updating my main website. I heard a little boom, and checked my surveillance video to see if there was anything in or around my house that I could see that caused it, but everything was normal. The alarm on my phone made the vibration, letting me know it was time to pick up my youngest from pre-school (thank God it was still open today although it's a holiday!) and I rushed to get him and get back so I can finish blogging my thoughts. As soon as I came back inside, got everyone relaxed and went back onto the computer, I heard another low boom and saw the closet door push open slightly. My heart started racing and my mouth started whispering "the blood of Jesus", as I always do when something scares the bejeezus outta me...and then there was a rumble. I seriously almost peed my shorts wondering what the heck could be in that closet making that noise. All of a sudden there was a loud boom and rumble...rumble and a boom, then the closet door pushed out. THE DAMN SHELF IN THE CLOSET GAVE WAY!!!

Oh gosh! Florida has no damn basements and we park both cars in the garage, so we pretty much have no storage space. My husband has too much clothes for a man, so not only is he taking up half the space in out bedroom closets, he took over half the space in the office closet! We filled up the attic, so the shelf was holding up boxes of Christmas supplies, the fake tree from a few years ago and some old electronics and school supplies. Poor shelf!

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I still have a trusty space bag I can put his things in, but packing away things he doesn't wear will be an issue for him. He has a hard time letting go of things! He has not worn any of these jerseys or baggy jeans in ages, but I bet as soon as I put them in a space bag and forget about them, that's when he'll start asking for it! I already put the ones in great condition on eBay...but the rest are still in the way. He claims he's saving the jerseys for our sons when they get older, but I'm pretty sure our kids don't want them! Grrrrr.

While I count my blessings thinking this could've been so much worse, I yell at him in my head saying "it could've destroyed the drywall"! I start thinking yay, maybe he'll agree that we need one of those hawt custom closets (A girl can dream, right?) As soon as I win the lottery, that will be my first purchase! Thank God a wall didn't come down with it and the only thing damaged were the hooks the shelf was on. This will be an easy fix. I just need him to move these boxes now!

  <Sigh!> Look at my dream closet!...................
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