Trying the Cement Block Raised Garden Bed (As Seen on Pinterest)
April 1, 2014 by
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Concrete Raised Garden Bed - Pinterest
I finally made my way over to Lowes today so I could buy the things necessary to try the Cement Block Raised Garden Bed idea I saw on Pinterest.

I wanted two beds, so I intended to buy 20 cement blocks, but I underestimated how heavy they were and how much space it would take up in the car. After grocery shopping, and making a quick trip to ToysRUs to pick up a birthday gift, space was limited. So, I bought:

  • 6 bags of Top Soil
  • 3 bags of Potting Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Ant Mound killer
  • 12 cement blocks
  • and enough plants to fill up the area!

What I like so far is that all the supplies needed for this project cost me slightly under $40. I'm not sure yet whether or not I'll buy more cement blocks, or just create one garden bed slightly larger than the one in the photo. That I'll decide after I finish the first one. What I did do this time though, was think things through when buying my plants. I made sure I bought plants that do not require much sun light (if any), because the area they'll be in is shady most of the day. I was thinking about stones to cover the surrounding areas with, but I have 6 bags of mulch sitting in the garage that I may as well use, so that idea evaporated quickly!...

So, as I drove home, I could feel the extra weight in the car, especially when I made turns. As I pulled into the garage, I remembered that I would have to take every freakin thing out of the car by myself before I have to pick up my kids from the bus stop. Ughhhhhh! After I dropped the last bag of dirt and carefully placed the 12th cement block on the pile I started imagining how pretty my garden should look with the plants I chose. <Sigh!> I'm excited...can you tell I'm excited?!? Anyhoo, stay tuned. If my week goes as planned, my garden makeover should be start and finish Sunday!

April 6, 2014 - Today was my husband and I's designated yard day. He actually helped and didn't even fix his lips to complain, could you believe it? I took advantage. I pulled up all our old plants so I could replant them in the area farther from the patio. The plants that were there were thriving, but since I bought new plants that didn't require sunlight, I figured I'll use the space they were in for my low maintenance little pretties. We both had sweat pouring from our foreheads and my eyes burned a bit. It was so hot outside, that it made me want to take care of my garden more often just so we'd never have to go through this again.

The outcome of the first of the two garden areas looks great. The space was kind of big so I had to use 4 medium size boxes to cover the base. I'm so glad suggested the use of cardboard, because not only would I have never thought of that, but garden fabric sucks big time (don't waste your money!)! Plus, the cardboard is good for worms.

There were some moments where I hated "remodeling" the garden. For instance, the first big furry spider that hopped (it really hopped) from under the wood garden bed scared the heck out of me. It's somewhere under cardboard now. I also had a few incidents with frogs, lizards and wood bugs. At least there were no snakes.

The only injury I suffered was when I accidentally step into a hidden ant hill reaching for my son's ball. It was flattened by the landscaper's mower, so I didn't notice it, but boy did I notice when one of those suckers took a bite out of my ankle. I'll post pictures once I finish the other garden area.

April 10, 2014 - I decided to add more plants to the area, so I bought a few more. I also changed my idea regarding what to do with the second of the two garden areas, so it will take more supplies, time and husband strength.

There was a sale on "dying" plants and Lowes has a one year return policy on any plant that dies anyway, so I bought 30 small perennials for just $7. I have nothing to lose. I made this purchase two days ago and kept them inside the house until I had time to plant them and surprisingly they all seem to be doing well. There are no longer any brown leaves on them which is strange because they looked as if they were struggling in the store. Glad I gave them a chance!

I filled up the holes of the cement blocks with dirt and marigolds. I am also going to buy 12"x12" stones to use as a base for the garden hose. I'm so sick of the look of moss in that area.

April 12, 2014 - I made all the purchases I intended to and after getting home and covering the area for the garden hose with stepping stones, I realized I underestimated how much I would need. I purchased 12 thinking I'd have three rows of 4, but each row ended up needing 6 stones. I will be buying more stepping stones and plants. This isn't over! :)
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