When a girl has a craving, feed her!
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When a girl has a craving, feed her!
December 28, 2014 by

nom, nom, nom

Ok, so for weeks I have been needing my TGI Fridays fix. It's not their mashed potatoes, it's not there fries, it's not even their ribs. It's all of the above! More importantly, it's their Jack Daniel's sauce that I use to dip all of the above into. I mean seriously, how the heck do they make it? It's so addictive and I'm still visiting until my tastebuds figure out how to recreate it at home. But, back to my story...

My husband is the kind of guy who likes to stay home on weekends. His reason, "I work hard all week, my weekends are my time to relax". By relax, he means play his playstation and yell at other players of the basketball game as if he's an upset coach who's about to lose his coaching gig if the team loses. Every weekend, same ole same ole. But, today I wasn't having it.

We still have leftover food from the Christmas dinner...but that was days ago, our kids were begging for a change. They even asked for chips instead, but I wanted something covered in Jack Daniel's sauce. It could've been french toast, I didn't care. I told my husband about my craving and all he kept saying was, "It's Sunday". Um, ok? Yes, it's Sunday. Does that mean I can't crave restaurant food on a Sunday? Who started this Sunday dinner at home thing anyway? It's okay for most Sundays, but sometimes a girl wants to get out of the house...gosh!

While the kids hung out in their rooms, I came up with the bright idea to tell my husband my coupon is expiring. Anyone who eats at TGI Fridays and is a stripes member knows points do not expire. I currently have over 700 points. That's almost enough points for 5 free rib or steak meals just begging to be used. He gave me a look so I knew I just had a little more talking to do to reel him in. I added that he can choose any steak meal he want and just pay a little extra for his lobster tail. Got him!!!
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Joy's Ice Cream Plus
Barber shop on the way to TGI Fridays
Or he got me!?!

Hubby decided this was the opportune time to get a hair cut and his beard cleaned up. Ughhh! Understand my frustration...

I'm not usually a whiny, or a bratty type of gal. But, when I'm hungry, I become very child like. Especially when we're making unplanned stops before my belly is filled. That just takes me back to the days when I was a kid and my mom would take me to the mall to go to "one store", but we end up there for hours in stores only old people like. Sometimes she'd make so many detours she'd forget why she originally went and we'll have to do it all again another day. Ooh, flashback!

His haircut took 52 minutes. I counted every second of it. Why it would take so long to shave someone's head bald and neaten up a goatee is beyond me. But, he looked so good afterward, I forgave him...and his barber.

Off to TGI.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TGI Fridays Jack Daniels Steak and Lobster Tails
My gosh, it was so worth the wait. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One thing I hate about being really hungry, when I finally eat I get full too fast. But, J D leftovers is never a bad thing to have!
We finished up the night with desert from Joy's Ice Cream. Yes I found room in my tummy for ice cream. OMGosh, another treat. This is a new ice cream shop taking over for the place that went out of business a few years ago. The attitudes of the family that owns it is so pleasant, I know this one will last. So excited to have an ice cream parlor within walking distance. I can burn off the calories in the FL sun while eating!

...burning off while cooling off... Nice way to spend the day!