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Winter Break Fun - Looking for Lights
December 18, 2016 by

It's snowing in NY. When we were there earlier this month, it was freezing outside and I wished for some snow so my kids would be able to experience real snow for the first time. Sure we get snow in FL, a few years ago we had snow flurries. But, it usually appears in two forms:

  • The type of snow brought in via truck, for our wonderful "snow days" at children's venues.
  • The invasive flower that blankets our lawns.
But, I'm not complaining! I actually appreciate the flower, because it gives the illusion of snow. So our faux snow man or Santa inflatable Christmas decorations doesn't seem too awkward, next to a live palm tree.
7 Foot Inflatable Santa Claus & Penguin on an Island w/ Palm Tree
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Skating Near Florida Snow - Instagram
I also appreciate the flower, because I realized that although I like snow, after living in FL for so many years I don't think I can handle it anymore. I don't even like wearing jackets, so forget a coat. It also makes driving around and going to different places to view decorated homes and areas pleasant. No need to quiver, covering my face, nose and ears with a scarf while my body shivers and lips tremble...as I ask my kids if they're enjoying themselves.

Here are some photos and videos of our first stop to view lights this Christmas Holiday season!
Florida Snow Flower
Fort Pierce Christma Light Show
Fort Pierce Christmas Lights
Fort Pierce Christmas Lights