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30 Day "Don't Eat That" Food Challenge
April 27, 2016 by

For a few weeks, there has been a challenge circulating on Facebook. Yes, I've seen these types of challenges before, but now that I have been following a constant fitness routine and my self control towards food has improved, I'm am interested in challenging myself. Especially since I have other ladies on board to attempt this one with me!

The poster mentions, so I want to make sure I credit them. Not sure if they actually created the challenge, or if they just created the fabulous flyer...but either way, this is a tough challenge I'm willing to try. Actually, it's something I believe I can conquer. Seriously, I shouldn't be eating any of the stuff on here as often as I do anyway. After all, it defeats the purpose of my mornings spent at the gym.

I can do without chips, cakes, candy, ice cream and soda, but fast and fried foods may be a struggle. Either way, this is a can and will do! 30 Day Challenge
It makes no mention of rice, or pasta...two things I can do without potatoes for any day! But I will admit, come June 1st I'm going to T.G.I. Fridays and ordering a side of mash potatoes and fries with my meal :)

I don't like wheat bread, but I can tolerate it when I'm hungry and have no choice.

I can still have tea, coffee and water, which is pretty much what I drink anyway.

Chocolate? Nooooo, why is that on this list. Ughhh, I guess I can go a month without you my love.


I tried and failed. :( Didn't even make it a full week...