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A Little Pampering after Crossfit / Bootcamp Training!
January 11, 2016 by

I am still fairly new to fitness, so after I experience a new pain or ache, I find myself on Google researching if the way I felt was normal. I really need to cut that out!
On many occasions, I've read something that made me think I should call 911 immediately. There is so much information out there, it's a bit overwhelming and can be downright scary! It took me a while to understand that I'm working out parts of my body I neglected for years. Although the trainers are very understanding and know how to handle a newbie, I'm being pushed. I have to challenge myself to get the results I want. "No pain, no gain", but my goodness! It hurts...I hurt.

View article: 4 Steps to Efficient Recovery After Crossfit Training. Great tips for recuperating.

I now have minor calluses on my hands as a result of the dumbbells, pullup bars and the floor workouts. I already have my Dad's shaped hands, but now they're a bit rough. While at the gym, I will be using gloves.

When at home, my process of relaxation is a foot bath, which doubles as a hand softener. I don't like baths, I prefer showers, so I don't get to experience the Epsom salt bath. What I do before a hot shower is soak my hands, then feet in the foot spa. Once a week I use a pumice stone to file down the rough area of my palms and feet. After my shower, I moisturize. Here are some products that work well in maintaining soft skin.

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