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Add Kettlebells To Your Home Gym
November 18, 2015 by

I remember the first time I had to do kettle bell exercises at crossfit. My arms were so sore afterward that I didn't think I would be able to drive home, since it hurt to turn the steering wheel. After a week of classes, I still felt the burn, but it was a bit easier to fight through. Now, I find myself wanting to do some light arm workouts on my rest days.
That Feeling After An Amazing Workout
As you know, there is a free video for everything you can think of on YouTube. Before I purchased my kettlebells, I was looking for good kettlebell workout videos and practicing the movements with dumbbells. Of course, I could still do the workout with a dumbbell, but the width of my arms holding the ends of the dumbbell was a little annoying. I tried placing both hands in the middle of the dumbbell but both hands wouldn't fit without having to place one on top of the other. I found using an actual kettlebell a necessity. Just thought I'd mention that, since I've been asked.

Take a look at these two kettlebell workout videos I have tried and liked. Both from YouTuber Bodyfit by Amy. I'm going to be honest: When researching videos, I looked for one with a person who had a toned, muscular but still "feminine" body. I used to have a small waist, and I know what my dream body type is. So personally, I was looking for a routine to follow from someone who was fit, but didn't have a masculine body.
I bought a set of kettlebells and after trying two different types (one with soft handles and another identical to what's at the gym), I decided to share a post of some of my favorite kettlebell exercises and good kettlebells for home use.

Great articles to read:
For more of a challenge, try the video below...
      HARD                             |                               SOFT
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Vinyl, cement filled kettlebells. Set comes with one 5 lb, 10 lb
and 15 lb kettlebell, a workout DVD and a fitness chart.
under $30
Cast iron construction, 3 piece set.
CAP Vinyl Kettlebells. Available in multiple sizes under $20.
Available in 5 lbs to 15 lbs, price ranging from $17 - $23. I like soft kettlebells for swings (not practical for some kettlebell exercises). Easier on my palms.
CAP Barbell Soft Kettlebells available in multiple sizes. Soft handles and outer layer and filled with iron sand. You can drop them and they won't damage your floors.

Trust me, there will be times you just want to drop them!