NEW Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste and Spinbrush
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NEW Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste and Spinbrush
July 17, 2014 by
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Ronda Writes Product Review Disclaimer: I received the Arm & Hammer product samples free, courtesy of Smiley360 for the purpose of a review. The above review is my own honest opinion of the specified Arm & Hammer products. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in. ~ Ronda.
NEW Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste and Spinbrush
BEFORE #TrulyRadiant
I have been using whitening toothpastes since I was a teen. I know the types of food eaten can result in yellow, cream color teeth and I like coffee but I don't drink it often enough for it to have an affect (at least I don't think it should). I've tried whitening strips, gels, mouth wash, some things that tasted horrible but was supposed to help and currently I'm using Colgate Optic White. Unfortunately, through it all, I have not noticed much of a change.

Courtesy of Smiley360, I've been given the opportunity to try Arm & Hammer's Truly Radiant Toothpaste and their Spinbrush. I have never used an electric toothbrush before, so this will be a big change, but I'm excited as long as it does what it says it will. You know me, I'll be "kindly" blunt. If it works, I will be happy to share, if it doesn't I'll be happy to tell you not to waste your money! :)

Arm & Hammer TR Promises: whiter teeth in 5 days!

  • Whitens, strengthens and repairs tooth enamel
  • Unique formula combines pure ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda, Active Calcium, Fluoride and Peroxide
  • Clinically proven to beautify teeth
  • Restores gloss and luster
  • Removes stains better than the leading whitening toothpaste**

Right now I decided to find a font color that is an exact match to my teeth, the color number is "sand" (E8E7CE), how embarrassing. Luckily outdoors they're brighter, lol. After 5 days I will update this post with my (hopefully new, brighter and whiter) teeth color.

Day One (July 17): The texture of this toothpaste is a little watery compared to regular whitening pastes and not as sweet. Using the Spinbrush was strange for a first timer because I'm not used to having no control over the way I brush. I liked not having to rotate my hands to brush my teeth right-left-round-n-round. But feeling vibrations on my teeth and gums were a little much. For a brighter, whiter smile, I'll get used to it.

5 Day Update (July 22, 2014): Looking at my teeth 5 days later, I do not see much of a difference in color. My teeth are always brushed and flossed clean no matter which toothpaste I use, so that wasn't an issue, but my teeth does have a glossier look with the Truly Radiant toothpaste. My experience with color may be different from others, but I'm going to continue using this with those hopes that I will have a much brighter/whiter smile by the time the tube of toothpaste is finished.

Regarding the Spinbrush Tooth Brush...fantastic! I like how easy it is to function and because of how well it cleans my teeth without much effort on my part, I bought Spinbrush toothbrushes for my kids. This would save me from having to tell my 8 year old to go back into the bathroom and brush his teeth over again!
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Truly Radiant before and After