Candy Craft Sponsored by AIRHEADS  #AirheadsCrafts
November 1, 2015 by

I received a box full of Air Heads to create a deliciously sweet craft. In the box were different flavors of Air Heads, Air Heads bites, crafting tools, lollipop sticks and Xtremes which remind me of sour powers candy I used to enjoy as a kid. I knew this craft project would be tasty...I didn't expect to have a few difficulties...
Candy Craft Sponsored by AIRHEADS
Candy Craft Sponsored by AIRHEADS  #AirheadsCrafts
It's always fun playing with food. My kids and I wanted to create "Rainbows and a Pot of Gold" cupcakes and we had everything we needed. I baked lemon cupcakes, we had lollipop sticks to hold the "rainbow" in place. and the cupcakes and icing played the roll of gold. I had gold colored sugar crystals to add, but decided the cupcakes had enough sweetness.

We really enjoyed this project. The only downfall is with patterns my children made, we couldn't get the candy to stay in place (especially the rainbows). But, who would complain? We just ate whatever misbehaved! :) See our finished product below ↓
Candy Craft Sponsored by AIRHEADS  #AirheadsCrafts
This was a really simple one and we plan to create others. But, if you'd like to make your own, here are the steps:

  • Top cupcake with icing (doesn't have to be fancy or incredibly neat unless you're prepping for a party)
  • In center of icing, place a lollipop stick (cut stick if you'd like a shorter rainbow)
  • Cut Xtreme rainbow in half and place ends in icing, with center over the lollipop stick
  • Sprinkle Air Heads bites in the center of the cupcake (however you like)
  • Remove cupcake liner if you would like to line the cupcake with Xtreme rainbows.
  • Stick each end of the Xtreme rainbow to the cupcake sides using icing as glue.
  • You're done!

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Ronda Writes Product Review Disclaimer: I received the Air Heads craft kit free for the purpose of an honest post of my experience.
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